Mayfin Design


Clean, unfussy, professional, graphic design.

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words - but before you get into all the proof-in-the-pudding visual stuff, here are a few words about our graphic design offering to be getting on with.

A large percentage of our graphic design work is for smaller businesses, with a particular speciality in helping start-ups with all the basic marketing essentials they need to get off the ground.

And we keep it simple. We don't do clever-clever with one eye on the awards cabinet. Everything we do for our clients is about them, not about us. That's why clients of all sizes from every sector come to Mayfin for our hallmark style of clean, unfussy, professional graphic design work covering everything and anything from logo design, branding, business cards and stationery to leaflets, flyers, press ads, posters, exhibition panels, magazine layouts, corporate brochures, annual reports ... and, somewhat of a Mayfin speciality, album covers for a growing number of musician and record company clients.

Having said all that, we'd rather our work did the talking. So why not head over to the what we've done section for a look at some of our previous projects.

Bespoke, brand consistent, accessible, web design.

Think about it. Why, exactly, do you want a website? Is it because everyone else and their dog has one, or do you want a serious marketing tool that will really do the business for you?

As your shop window to the world, it naturally has to look good. But at Mayfin, we believe it goes much deeper than that. That's why we never use template packages but design all our sites from scratch on a bespoke basis, ensuring a brand consistent integrated look and the flexibility to add all those special little (and big) touches that make each site totally unique.

And because we don't believe in simply handing over the finished design and leaving you to it, we also offer a comprehensive Web Hosting service. Depending on what you need to get your site up and running the way you want, this can include registering your domain names, creating email accounts and even installing Google Analytics so you can keep track on who is visiting your site and what areas they are most interested in. Many Mayfin clients also benefit from incorporating a Content Management System, allowing them to update the information on their website whenever they wish.

You'll also be reassured to hear that we utilise all leading web technologies including XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flash, ActionScript and SQL. Which in technobabble translates as the capability to build in everything you need to ensure user friendly navigation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and accessibility conforming to W3C WAI Level A. And if you didn't understand a word of that, don't worry. All you need to know is that we do.

Reliable, cost-effective, scalable, web development and e-commerce applications.

The bottom line to our web development and e-commerce offering is that we can build anything on a bespoke basis. Any application. Any scale. Anything.

Whatever it takes, whatever you need, everything we do is driven by the unique needs of each individual client. Because, despite what others might tell you, one size doesn't fit all. So we would never try to sell you a full Content Management System covering your entire website if there was only one page on the site that you would ever need to keep regularly updated.

Similarly, we design and build all kinds of online shopping sites for all kinds of clients, large and small. And what we've done for real biggies like Amazon on a major new project due to go live in 2009, we can equally do for you - including setting up PayPal (as most of our e-commerce clients prefer) or whatever other payment method makes the most sense for your business and your customers.

We've also notched up quite a reputation as innovators - and there can be no better example than the online shopping sites we've built for many of our musician clients. We believe these to be the first of their kind to combine the conventional ordering of CDs, DVDs and other merchandise with the facility to actually download tracks in digital format direct from the site without having to go to third party sites such as iTunes.

'Nuff said?